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Cooling Vest Hydrogel04

Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
Cooling Vest Hydrogel04
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Best cooling vest

The Hydrogel 04 is without doubt our best-selling cooling vest. Owing to its knitted rib collar, knitted side panels and zip, this cooling vest provides comfort, practicality and a snug fit, making it ideal for extended use, such as at work or for controlling core body temperature to manage symptoms in conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

The Hydrogel 04 is ideal for anyone who suffers from heat. If you overheat due to being overweight or have a medical condition such as multiple sclerosis, these luxury vests provide hours of cooling. Those who are active under extreme conditions know how frustrating and tiring it is to overheat. Thanks to the hydrogel that is activated within the vests, body heat is absorbed and the water then evaporates which cools your body down.

The Hydrogel04 is a cooling vest that not only cools efficiently, but also fits well. The hydrogels are inside the panels on the front and back of the vest, while the fabric on the sides is elastic, providing comfort and flexibility. These stylish vests have a practical zip, making it easy to put on and take off. Its ribbed collar and soft finish around the armhole make these cooling vests very comfortable.

With these cooling vests you have the option to wear it on top of your usual clothing, or directly on the skin. If you wear this over your daily clothes, you get cooling by means of evaporation upto 72 hours. If you wear the cooling vest under your clothes,you can only use it as an ice vest.

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling can be compared to perspiration, the unique cooling mechanism of the body. The sweat that forms on the skin absorbs the excess heat away from the body and then removes the heat through evaporation. The cooling vests of IZI work in a similar way. The hydrogel that is incorporated in the cooling vests contains, after activation, water that absorbs your excess body heat in exactly the same way and then evaporates.

How do you activate the cooling vests?

Immerse the cooling vests for 10-15 minutes in cold water (you can use a bucket, sink or bath (allow enough room for expansion)). Roll up the cooling vest in a towel to remove the excess water from the fabric. Now leave the vest to dry for 30 minutes away from direct sunlight. The cooling vest is now ready for use and can cool for up to 72 hours.

Ice vest

Alternatively, this vest can be used as an ice vest, under your usual clothing. After following the activation steps above, lay the flat vest (do not fold) in the freezer overnight. Freezing the vest creates an extra intense cooling effect. This effect lasts upto 2 hours. After that the gel is melted and you can cool yourself for another 72 hours by means of evaporation. Evaporative cooling only works if you wear the cooling vest over your clothes.

- Sealed hydrogel technology
- Weight: 250 grams dry, 2200 grams when activated
- Up to 72 hours of cooling (evaporating)
- Max. 2 hours of cooling with ice
- Available in a range of 9 different sizes so that you can choose the one that fits you best for effective cooling
- Available in black and beige

- 85 grams woven polyester
- Cire finish (shiny)

- Finish 1: Flame retardant
- Finish 2: Quickdry
- Finish 3: Antistatic

Size XS: chest size 94cm
Size S: chest size 100cm
Size M: chest size 106cm
Size L: chest size 112cm
Size XL: chest size 118cm
Size 2XL: chest size 124cm
Size 3XL: chest size 130cm
Size 4XL: chest size 136cm
Size 5XL: chest size 142cm

Size: EAN-number:
Size XS Black 8718546191923
Size S Black 8718546191930
Size M Black 8718546191947
Size L Black 8718546191954
Size XL Black 8718546191961
Size 2XL Black 8718546191978
Size 3XL Black 8718546191985
Size 4XL Black 8718546191992
Size 5XL Black 8718546192005
Size XS Sand 8718546191831
Size S Sand 8718546191848
Size M Sand 8718546191855
Size L Sand 8718546191862
Size XL Sand 8718546191879
Size 2XL Sand 8718546191886
Size 3XL Sand 8718546191893
Size 4XL Sand 8718546191909
Size 5XL Sand 8718546191916

Download de gebruiksaanwijzing voor de hydrogel koelvesten in PDF (0.4 Mb)


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